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"What the bleep do we know?"

It's a book, and movie, made by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse and Mark Vincente, fascinating one, at least I liked it:)

It all started when William took Ramtha's courses of enlightement, Ramtha is still one of the greatest mysteries, he is mystic, philosopher, master and hierofant. During one course Ramtha was talking about molecular biology, quantuum physics..and all other sciences, at once he added - "Someone could wrote a book about this!" William felt that call:) Eventually, step by step idea came true..

But I have no intention writeing about the movie, nor the book, excpet two chapters - Emotions and Addictions.

What are actually emotions? Mystical experience that cannot be defined, or is it something that can be defined, sensible, perceptible?

Once when dr. Candace Pert fell from horse, she had to take morphines during her recovering, as she was a scientist, she asked herself how does this drug work and make her feel better?

Eventually at the surface of cells, she found receptors for opiates.

This revelation was outstanding, it dragged some new theories and relations. It turned out that our body, has receptors for endorphines, these ones are responsable why a runner feels ecstasy after running.
As a matter of fact, every emotion is placed into a molecule, and every one of these molecules match to chemical substance placed in hypothalamus. When these two apsorb - we feel emotions!

The relation between drugs and emotions seems to be quite big, as drug can make you an addict making you take more and more, the same thing emotions do.

Why do you feel so bad and depressed sometimes? And no matter how many obligations and marvellous things to do, books to read, friends to chat with, surround you, you're still melancholic?

Why do you like beeing in love, when you lose your mind and feel no ground under feet, or why do you keep running (in case you don't have to lose weight), driveing fast cars, argueing when you're nervous??? Don't you think that you just might be a junkie?????

Me, I'm such a junkie:)

Information paradox

Please, do recall some of the quarrels you ever had?! Let's start, I remember argueing with Mom about why I dislike eating that white part of the meat, or bean and carrot in the soup..

I had few quarrels during school time, considering places to go out, falling in love with same guy from school, getting an F from physics:( (Who would of say that I'll be studying it nowdays?!)

Let me present you maybe the craziest quarrel in the universe, yes that's right - universe!!!!
The story goes like this, Mr. Stephen Hawking, famous scientist, wrote a lot about black holes, they became his main preoccupation, during his work he came to disagreement of one of his colleagues -Leonard Saskin.

Saskin claimed that, when you approach to a black hole, your body separates to electrons, ions and enters the black hole, but when you do get in, body feels no high temperatures nor separation of particles. Once when you come out of a black hole, body is preserved as one, just like as it entered the hole. What he wanted to say is that information is outstretched at the horizon of the hole, but information isn't destroyed!!

According to Hawking black holes swallow informations, and if body gets into the black hole it is going to be destroyed, just like informations about that same body.

Saskin eventually confirmed that cause and consequense are related and our memories intact.
But hey, niether Hawking hasn't stayed indebted, with a help of a young student tried to deny the Saskin's thesis, and he did, but he did the same with his own thesis!! Imagine that friendliness!!!!

Now Hawking came to a thought - if there are more parallel universes, and in some of those you will find no black holes, in some you will find plenty of them!!! Now we come to effect similar to matter-antimatter, these universes with no black holes annihilate universes that do have black holes.
Finnaly, what is left, are only universes with no black holes!!! After all, we got no black holes where information could disappear!!!

Saskin's idea was cool, but with no mathematical background, which means that Mr. Hawking is again at the top! Whose step is next?

What a quarrel, don't you think?

utorak, 20. studenoga 2007.


This same day, couple of hours ago, I supposted to meet my friend, some fitness, pancakes:)
But he stayed late at work so we postponed our appointment..couple of hours after he called..he said "I had a car crash, car is pretty destroyed.."

I just asked if he's ok, he said he was fine, got out without injuries..and everything is ok.

After his phone call I just stood quietly, tide of feelings washed me over.. I came to a thought that something might have happened to him, this is my friend, something could have happened to my friend..but hey he is OK!!

Then I started thinking about close friends of mine, suddenly I felt fulfilled..I have all these people in my life that complete my life, make me feel happy, fortunate, joyful, lucky, good!!!

My friends, you are the most precious jewels I'll ever have..there is nothing in the world that can replace you.

Listen to your heart

In the moments when I questioned myself, seeking for one certain solution I came to a friend, his advice to me was .."My dear, listen to your heart, this one will give you an answer, it will decide for you, just listen to it.."
Sometimes our hearts give us answers we don't want to hear, sometimes our hearts are in big pain, sometimes they're full of passion, happiness, but they always give us the right answer... so whenever you're in dilemma, just listen to your heart..

Here I add words of one sad but still beautiful song..

Listen To Your Heart

I know there’s something in the wake of your smile
I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yeah

you’ve built a love but that love falls apart
your little piece of heaven turns too dark

listen to your heart
when he’s calling for you
listen to your heart
there’s nothing else you can do
I don’t know where you’re going
and I don’t know why
but listen to your heart
before you tell him goodbye

sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile
the precious moments are all lost in the tide, yeah
they’re swept away and nothing is what is seems
the feeling of belonging to your dreams

listen to your heart
when he’s calling for youlisten to your heart
there’s nothing else you can do
I don’t know where you’re going
and I don’t know why
but listen to your heart


srijeda, 14. studenoga 2007.


This post, my dear Spela, my dear friend I dedicate to you..

In one of your own posts you wrote about inspiration I gave you (or still am giving you), about big steps which I used to get into your heart..
I guess it happens to us quite often, right Geminina?!:)
Big steps, crowded heart, changing paths, search for support..

Your case gave me an inspiration, from creating a life in your home land trough realizing the sustainability of mentioned, till decision to change it completelly by leaving everything behind and starting somewhere else!
I thought I'm the brave one, but darling, you are the front of courage.
I guess you knew what will you have to deal with, such as distance from people you love, and I know you miss this one the most, but still, hunger for somenthing new, spirit for adventures finally won.
And Yess, you do have my support where ever you go, what ever you do ... even though your body is far away, your spirit is here by my side:)

Angel, if you see dark, dense forest, don't leave, look deeper, you just might be in Heaven!

Your A.

utorak, 28. kolovoza 2007.

Irish log

(18.-23. August, 2007.)

Well, it all started couple of years ago when Maja and I wanted to visit
Turkey, somehow we didn't, but since then we're dreaming about far countries we'd like to visit together.
Finally our friend Danko, after his short visit to Ireland, decided to move there for couple of months..that's how Maja and I finally ended up in a land of beer, chocolate (if you've entered their stores, you'd know what am I talking about, oh, they sell a lot of sweet food), loud conversations, green grass..

Our primar destination was Dublin, first day was reserved for the welcome party, people all over the world came to it!!!
It's not a joke, there were girls from China and Malesia, guy from Poland, and the balkan crowd from Croatia:)

So, croatian girls tried to make pancakes but we found that milk and flour
aren't like those at home..

Pancakes tasted like an old bread, but still, girls from C&M loved it cause they never tried it before (thank God for that, othervise one of us would turn out as a bad cook..or all three)


It was a cold day in Dublin, happy team-five went for a trip!!!
We wore long shirts and jackets (In the meanwhile, croatian beaches wer full of people, in swimsuits of course!), and went on a tour to Wicklow, small town situated on east coast of Ireland, souther than Dublin. First minutes in a train took our breath when we saw fields of green grass, Irish hills, sea ( we were pretty excited when we saw the sea, though we actually live on the sea in Croatia, but nevermind, jolly spirit was welcome)..
First minutes in Wicklow were quite enthusiastic, as we saw the sea, immediately wanted to take a photo by the sea, but we stood just a bit too close..

Photo by the sea...

After few seconds..

Sea caught our feet:)


After beach adventure we continued the tour arround Wicklow...

Before going home (home!) to Dublin,
we stopped for walk & lunch in Bray,
smallville near Dublin, touristic resort with long promenade
that follows the beach..


Waiting for the train, sign on the digital board showed that our train stopped in Howth Junction and that it'll be late for couple of minutes, the train finnaly came and started his ride to Howth..untill it stopped again, for unknown reason to us – in HOWTH JUNCTION!!!! So we waited for about twenty minutes till another train came and finally took us to Howth.

Howth is fishing and yachting port and popular suburban resort on the north side of Howth Head where you can meet Howth's most interesting habitants – SEALS!!!

Howth was more resting destination for us, that Howth Junction
got us tired, but attempt of communication with seal, as well. ..

Night was close, it was time to go to Dublin, again waiting for the train, how strange, it's gonna be late again - some jam in HOWTH JUNCTION!!! Soon after the train came and we went to Dublin, we had a normal stop in Howth Junction, just to let passengers out of the train, there was no jam in Howth Junction any more..I'm looking outside the window, when all the sudden a woman, she was standing outside, waves to me and points the train.
At first I didn't know what it is she pointing me, till..

FEAR!!!.. get up, run out the train,.................................. get away from the train..huh, ....................................... we got scared, ......................................it all happened in a few seconds....................
......... ..............saw a FIRE,............... woke the girls, ............. run out of the train...

Later on turned out that some punks cogged the fire.........AND IT ALL HAPPENED IN HOWTH JUNCTION!!!!!


Two days, of our journey in Ireland, were reserved to see this amazing capital city, tour arround Dublin had it's stop stations.

First stop station, beautiful green park - ST.STEPHEN'S GREEN 1663.

As hard-working students we took a look of TRINITY COLLEGE founded in 1592, which is the oldest university in Ireland, enourmous place, at present there are over 12,000 students and 1,200 staff members working on the College campus.
Heritage attractions available to visitors includes Book of Kells (famous old manuscript) housed in the Old Library building..

OLD JAMESON DISTILLERY - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, lovely stop station!!!
Here, for 8€ (for a student), you can get a 40 minute tour with a tourist guide,
you can get a certificate for a professional taster, like I did!!!!

GUINNESS STOREHOUSE – more aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, entering the house you can see digital boards, some are showing history, some comercials, it is self-guided tour..barley, hops, beer!!! At the top of the house, or at the 7th floor you reach the gravity bar where you get your pint of Guinness!!!

Statue of MOLLY MALONE..I forgot to mention that there are a lot of street performers in Dublin, every couple of meters you can see either screaming Japanese, or 5 girls trying to perform harmonic songs, man dressed in skelet suit..They all have one thing in common – these exibitive plays are their way to earn money. The one that I find the best in buisness is an old man by the statue of Molly Malone (statue is on Grafton street – SHOPPING STREET), he chats with tourists, dresses them like players and than takes pictures of 'em, after he's been so entertaining every tourist leaves few coins..euros, not cents.

...and Molly Malone has it's own story, as you can see on a photo there is a hard-working woman with cart wheel and baskets on it, but her outfit is not really modest, she was a beautiful fishmonger who plied her trade on the streets of Dublin, but died young, of a fever..there is one add to this tale which describes Molly as part-time prostitute by night.
However I admire Molly, she had to choose a tool that’ll help her to survive in rough world, unfortunately destiny chose different path for her..
Song about Molly Malone became unofficial anthem of Dublin city, it’s sung by fans at soccer and hurling matches.


Is it necesarry to write anything, or should I just add few photos?! Well night life in Dublin is the best, not because of pubs and lot of people, but when you get 40 years old, in Croatia, you don't go out at night because you're too old for that, it's foolish mentality..and in Ireland, people go out in their 40-ies, 50-ies,..70-ies!!!!! They dance, they sing, and the most of all they ENJOY IN LIFE.
Temple bar is most famous street where you can go out, we used to go to Temple bar, but before we'd stop for a pint Budweiser or Smithwick's in The Celt, great pub, with live music every night..there is one drink I tried called baby Guinness, its a shooter made of Jeggermeister, Baileys and Guinness and it has great taste!!!! And yess we met a lot of people, especially the night when Iva, Maja and I wore pink shirts!!!

If you ever get a chance to visit this amazing country, I suggest you do that, trust me, there are fine lads living there!!!